Birdwatching and Ecotourism

Keur Saloum hotel-lodge is located in the heart of one of Africa’s most beautiful ecosystems. What’s more is that this huge territory covers about 200,000 hectares. With its intimate blend of sky, earth and sea it has been the subject of several national and international protective measures. Therefore, this ecosystem deserves our protection as well.
In fact, how could someone possibly spend a holiday in the Saloum Delta and not experience its natural and ecological assets?


Keur Saloum Hotel-Lodge is the place for ecotourism in the Saloum Delta area, therefore we created a birdwatchers’ society called “Les Rolliers du Saloum” in charge of organizing regular birdwatching trips for visitors or birdwatching organizations. Kindly ask for the Rolliers du Saloum’s catalogue which we shall send you.

Because we have this beautiful environment available we are offering total immersion in this huge natural aviary where you can see, day and night, the many inhabitants of this pristine ecosystem.
Scientists agree on the fact that the number of bird species to be seen in the Saloum Delta is impressive.

We have several skilled guides to accompany you on foot, in our four-wheel drive vehicle, on board of our pirogue or to a watchtower. All this to help you discover the numerous and colorful species around.

Let us mention some species that are sedentary although not so common such as the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill or the Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl. Let us also add that Senegal is a great place for bird migrations from Europe or Asia.


Big animals such as girafes, rhinos or elephants that are quite common in East Africa can no longer be seen in the wild in Senegal.
However, many land or water mammals are endemic in Senegal such as the Porcupine, the Serval, the Warthog, the Hyena, the Dolphin or the Manatee.

Let’s not forget the impressive number of various monkeys to be spotted such as the Patas monkey, the Allen’s swamp monkey, the Guinea Baboon, the Red Colobus or the Galago (bush baby) which can only be seen at night.

It is impossible to list all the fauna and flora to be seen in the Saloum delta area. Just bear in mind that Senegal enjoys one of the richest biotopes in West Africa and that our hotel will help you discover them thanks to our daily excursions.