At Keur Saloum Hotel-Lodge, when mentioning the Saloum area, biodiversity is all over the place and it is of course the theme of all our excursions.

They include the discovery of fishermen’s villages in the various islands, picnics on desert sandy beaches, visits to local weekly markets, pirogue or 4-wheel rides.

You will see our wildlife as well as the locals climbing up the palm-trees in order to collect the “palm-wine”. For those who feel like it (and are fit for it) we have arranged various excursions on foot.

We also own exclusive camping sites on islands or on the ocean shore on superb fine sand beaches where you can enjoy long walks, swimming, surf cast fishing, barbecues and off course sun tanning.

We have issued a special brochure listing our excursions which we can send you on request.

Our personal favorite:

You will have an early morning departure (5:30 am) in a 4WD vehicle to the savannah next to the Gambian border at Baria or Koular. We find it necessary to get there before sunrise in order to spot the flight back home of night birds and bats.

You will marvel at a spectacular African sunrise while doves start cooing as the daylight gets more intense…
Thousands of egrets quietly move to the meadows where they can feed.

All this while the red sun slowly climbs up in the sky and village men ride their donkey or ox-drawn carriages to the fields for the daily work.

We then slowly take the direction towards the hotel by the off beaten track, stopping and chatting with the locals in the villages and hamlets, busy with their daily activities in the shade of the mango trees.

By 11 am we arrive back at the Keur Saloum Hotel-Lodge where you can let all the numerous expressions you encountered that early morning sink in.