A brief history

The Saloum Delta has always been a place favorable to sport fishing, due to the diversity and richness of the biotopes that surround it, namely a dense and rich mangrove of several varieties of mangroves, which serve as an essential breeding ground for the survival of the species on the one hand, and also the presence of seabed presenting numerous more or less deep pits which allow the big fishes to develop there.

Many species of fish are present there, of whise some species are sometimes disproportionately large. The best represented varieties are the barracuda, the red carp (we fished about ten years ago a subject of 60 kgs), the rays (guitar, stingray …), the captain, the jacks, koba and bass.

Keur Saloum Lodge-Hotel is ideally located along a major Saloum Delta called bolong, which is surrounded with mangroves. This is why we decided to boost the fishing activity.

Our fishes

The quantity and weight of fishes are often amazing such as a 60kg African Red Snapper and a 111kg stingray caught by our visitors.
All kinds of fishing are practiced here, including hand lining, trolling, surf casting or fly-fishing.