A brief history

Until the late 90’s the Saloum Delta area was one of the most abundant waters in the world. Fishing there usually meant pleasure and unique catches, even for beginners.

Unfortunately overfishing, especially with processing boats off the Senegalese shores, was to blame for a sudden fall in term of fish.

Contracts allowing foreign countries to overfish and catch all types of sea wildlife have fortunately come to an end and have not been renewed.

The consequences have been amazing over a short time period; our favorite fish are back in the Senegalese waters, including the Barracuda, the Giant African threadfin, the Grouper, the Giant Trevally, the African Red Snapper, the Parrotfish, the Law croaker, the Stingray, and many more.

Keur Saloum Lodge-Hotel is ideally located along a major Saloum Delta called bolong, which is surrounded with mangroves. This is why we decided to boost the fishing activity.

Our fishes

The quantity and weight of fishes are often amazing such as a 60kg African Red Snapper and a 111kg stingray caught by our visitors.
All kinds of fishing are practiced here, including hand lining, trolling, surf casting or fly-fishing.

All our men are very skilled and have a perfect knowledge of the area.
You can rent or buy our brand new and very efficient fishing equipment including rods, threads, hooks, leads, lures, … Baits are provided free of charge.

Our pirogues or Yamaha boats as well as our engines are recently acquired and perfectly maintained by a skilled mechanic. Furthermore, children and beginners will enjoy fishing from our long pier. You will get advice from our fishing manager about equipment, fishing technics, currents and tides.
You will be charged an extremely reasonable fee for fishing outings.

We have issued a specific fishing brochure which we can send you on request. The superb environment makes fishing at Keur Saloum Lodge-Hotel a real pleasure. In addition of catching big fish you will enjoy all the wildlife including so many bird species, dolphins will pass by occasionally and even manatees, if you are lucky.