About Senegal

5 to 6-hour’s flights will take you to Senegal, the nearest Black African country from Europe.

The country is famous for its political stability and for its legendary Teranga, the local highly developed sense of hospitality.
Senegal is a country known for its good mood and music.

Inhabited by various ethnic groups with different religions, it is also a country of great tolerance where foreigners are always welcome.
The law system is very close to what we know in Western Europe. The french language is widely spoken and euros are generally accepted in shops.

The climate is tropical with two seasons; the dry season from mid-October to mid-July and the wet season with stormy conditions. Temperatures vary from 25° to 30° Celcius.

A visa is now compulsory for citizens of E.U. countries. Any further details can be found at

No compulsory vaccination to enter Senegal but anti-malaria treatment is highly recommended. See with your physician.

About the hotel

Valuable belongings can be stored in the hotel’s safe. Kindly enquire at our reception.
Necessary items can be bought from our shop.
Bank cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) are accepted for settlement of the hotel bill and our excursions.
Be aware that we do not have any cash machines available.

Dogs and cats are welcome provided they behave as nicely as their owners.

By the way we grant a 50 % discount to children aged 3 – 10 and no charge at all for the younger.

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