Other Activities

As you may have noticed already, we offer a wide variety of excursions and activities focused on the beautiful setting our hotel is located in.

Besides these activities we also offer some more which you can ask us about during your stay in our hotel.


Because everything is attractive, surprising and beautiful here, Senegal may be the most thrilling African country in terms of photography.

That is why we advise you to get up early – preferably before sunrise – and go to the beach, onto a pirogue or to the bush and you will be amazed by the subtle scents brought to you by mother nature.
Gently, the nightly noises, cries and rustle vanish and silence comes in. Bats, jackals, birds and night insects go back home for a sleep.

It is 7 am and light is appearing. Doves, hornbills and coucals come on stage.

In the distance, light gently rises along the horizon and clouds slowly turn to yellow then orange and pink… It is absolutely breathtaking.
Francolins, Rose-ringed Parakeets and Senegal parrots are now waking up. Egrets are ready to fly away by hundreds, looking for food.

The sun is now rising in the sky, giving it so many color shades. The amateur and professional photographers will marvel at such a wide range of colors and shades all around them, from the biotopes to the villages.


In addition to swimming and fishing, Keur Saloum Lodge-Hotel gives you the opportunity to practice many other sports such as bowls, biking, canoeing and table tennis.

Feel free to ask for our program.


At Keur Saloum Lodge-Hotel you can also play several games or read books from our library. Why not learn how to play an African music instrument such as the djembe, the balafon or the kora? You can even have an African dancing lesson with the village people.